Spring in SLE

Spring is finally here and we can look forward to warmer weather and outdoor activities. We experienced a late and fairly challenging winter to our equipment. Despite our best efforts to prepare, the constant, heavy use resulted in new components and systems failing. Both trucks and the grader were down at the same time on three occasions, causing delayed response times. We have about 54 lane miles of road, and under the best of conditions it take 8-10 hours to plow it all.

I received numerous calls, some obscene, from residents expecting better service. I personally put in at least 60 hours during the worst storm, helping to repair chains, chase parts, obtain repairs at a machine shop, repair a heater blower motor, etc. If I didn’t return everyone’s call in a timely fashion, you know why. As we cannot expect the membership to vote for a dues increase, expect more of the same each winter. If hoping for a mild winter is your strategy, best of luck to you. If you have taken on the task of preparing for and responding to whatever winter brings us as we have, now you know what we face.

Our resident volunteer mechanics (Brian Chandler and Vern Peters), our resident expert welder (Tim Straw), and the constant efforts of Brian Paulson and Mark Smith, our operators, kept us running. Older equipment will find new ways to fail when tested under constant heavy use. At present, both trucks are down for repairs, and the grader requires numerous repairs before next winter. Our loader was the exception, and although it has some minor issues, it was very reliable.

Now that the roads have thawed, we will begin spring maintenance as weather permits. The school bus route has been graded from entrance to entrance. Other roads will also be addressed based upon the rain that is currently forecast. Too wet, and the job doesn’t last, as people speed up when the road is smoother and beat it into pothole and ruts. Too dry, and the dust is an issue. We’re looking for the sweet spot somewhere in between.

There have been numerous complaints about constant, annoying shooting in SLE, centered somewhere on north Hayden or Kelso. Apparently, someone believes they may shoot as much as they like whenever they like. Any resident found in violation of our CC&Rs will receive a letter from the Board. If that is ignored, a letter from our attorney will follow; detailing the actions the Board is empowered to take.

As stated in previous newsletters, there are appropriate places for those wishing to shoot for recreation, including the range at Farragut, or on State lands when the range is closed.

We are dedicated to protecting the property values of our area, which includes its rural, peaceful nature.

Bruce Flaws

SLE HOA President

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